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Journeyman III

HELP! RX 5600 XT with black screen.

Hi guys. I've been having trouble with my graphics card, a RX 5600 XT. I'll try to make a timeline to explain the problem. Around 2 mounths ago, after a windows update I think, I was getting a BSOD now and then, but I don't record the message of the error. This week, after reebooting to test a bootable USB drive I had created, when I tried to boot back to Windows 10, I got a black screen with a blue horizontal line at the top and a few translucid vertical bars that change color depending on what I tried to do with the PC. I tried Windows troubleshooting options, but nothing worked. That's when I decided to format my PC, but no success. After that, I managed to disable RX 5600 XT proper drivers, and guess what? My PC was usable again, running on Windows Basic Display Driver. Then I tried clean install after clean install, tried the latest AMD drivers, tried older drivers from last year, but the result was the same black screen. Now I'm wondering, is this maybe a hardware problem instead of a software one? And most importatly, can someone help me solve this, please??

PS: I also tried Windows 11, no success. The monitor I use is the same as before the problem. 

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It would help if you listed your FULL PC specs including make/model of your power supply

Check  your CPU/GPU temps

How is your airflow in thru your case?

When is the last time you hit the inside of your case with some canned air?

You might want to look into pulling your GPU out and repasting the heatsink and possibly replacing any thermal pads under the heatsink

You can pull the card out and physically inspect it for burnt spots or missing capacitors ..etc 

You could try your GPU in a different PC and see if it behaves the same when drivers are loaded

CLEAN install of Windows

IF you are running an AM4/5 setup, make sure you have the latest AM4 or AM5 chipset drivers installed from

IF  you are running a newer Intel setup .. go to and run their driver update utility

You can check your system's Event Viewer for logged errors that might help in determining the issue with your GPU ... might

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