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Journeyman III

Help needed to use opencl as renderer in Adobe premiere pro

Here is a GPU-z screenshot for my gpu :

Annotation 2021-12-07 000116.jpg 

However I am not able to select opencl as renderer as shown:

Annotation 2021-12-07 000022.jpg

I tried googling this and so far the solution I found was to go to registry editor>HKEYLOCALMACHINE>software>khronos>opencl>vendors and then modify the dll files by changing dword 32bit value from 0 to 1. However for me the dll for amd GPU is missing in

registry editor>HKEYLOCALMACHINE>software>khronos>opencl>vendors as shown :

Annotation 2021-12-07 000203.jpg

Can anyone tell me a solution for this?

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According to GPU-Z, AMD has all the applicable API's enabled including OpenCL for your GPU card. So it seems like the AMD driver is correctly installed.

Do you have a HD 8670/M GPU card?  On GPU-Z click on the upper Right box "LOOKUP" to determine the exact GPU card you have and what version of OpenCl it is showing to support.

According to Premiere Pro Compatible OpenCl GPU cards yours isn't listed:

Screenshot 2021-12-02 065951.png

Also according to TechPowerUp for the HD 8670M uses OpenCL version 1.2:

Screenshot 2021-12-02 065951.png

Does Premiere Pro support OpenCl version 1.1 and above?

AMD RX 5500/5600/5700 supports OpenCl 2.1 and above. It is possible that Premiere Pro doesn't support OpenCL 1.2 which why you can't enable it in Adobe program.

Possibly it supports only OpenCL version 2.0 or newer to work in Premiere Pro.

Adobe has a Technical Chat line at Premiere Pro website but you need to have an account with them to use that feature.

EDIT: Is this a laptop or Desktop? What is the Make & Model of Laptop, CPU and GPUs in Laptop, Motherboard and CPU if Desktop.

I believe the issue is your GPU card is not supported by Premiere Pro for OpenCL use. If you use one of the first versions of Premiere Pro and OpenCL works in your GPU card that would indicate that the new Premiere Pro versions doesn't support OpenCL version 1.2 anymore.


Yes...try using the integrated (power saving) as the graphics renderer. Most laptops by default are configured to use it....not the high performance mode. 

Win10 will let you choose which one. Go to Settings/ System / Display  and scroll down to Graphics: