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Adept I

Help needed please when trying to play on TV 7900XTX Adrenaline

Hiya, Can anyone help me please? I have just moved over from Nvidia and to AMD 7900xtx. I game on my 240hz 1440p pc monitor which works fine but I also like to chill and play on sofa on my 4k tv. The problem I am having though is when I go over to my TV display it says it's 4k but it's only showing half the screen? tried changing all kinds of settings unplugging my monitor and restarting just with TV connected still no joy. On Nvidia it was easy just select display 2 and it was sorted. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Oh and just found someone with a similar post and he fixed his problems by enabling 3d mode(something like that but that doesn't work for me and that's in windows settings)

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