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Journeyman III

Help from AMD Direct sales please

I'm attempting to contact someone from AMD Direct sales for a duplicate order on the same SKU from this morning.  Do AMD representatives use these forums?

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Yes but they are here to Moderate these forums.

Sometimes one of the Moderators might look into a Users problem but it is up to them whether to do it or not.

Most likely if you ordered a AMD GPU or Processor that has a limit of one per Person or Address, your double order will be cancelled by AMD Store.

Here is AMD Store FAQ that will help know what is AMD Store's policies including Orders:

Screenshot 2021-04-30 164028.png

Go to the AMD STORE link above and click on "Quick Order Lookup" too see that status of both of your orders. It might say it has been cancelled.


Well cancelling both my orders would seriously suck.  Its hard enough to buy GPU as it is. The AMD site messed up on my first order try and I never got the web page confirmation so I tried again and was able to that second order through.  Then several minutes later I see the email notifications for both orders.


..and there is just no obvious easy path to get a hold of an appropriate AMD representative.


Not for AMD Store issues. I really don't know who you can contact at AMD concerning AMD Store issues.

The only thing you can do is wait and see if AMD Store either cancels your order for being Multiple Orders or if by chance both GPU's arrive at your residence in two separate shipments than you can accept one and the other have it return back or refused back to AMD.

But if both GPUs arrives in one shipment than you can either refuse the shipment and AMD will refund your money once it arrives back at AMD or accept both GPUs.