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Journeyman III

HDR disappears whenever I toggle between windowed and full screen mode

I recently installed in my pc (windows 10 64bit - Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-4170 CPU @ 3.70GHz ), the AMD Radeon RX560 4GB (driver v 18.2.1), in order to be able to play HDR content on my Samsung QLED Q7F TV (3840x2160 / 60p HDMI 2.0)

The PC is connected wth the TV, via the Marantz NR1608 AV, using HDMI 2.0
Unfortunately, the weirdest thing happens whenever I use any kind of player (vlc, kodi etc)

Whenever the player, is on a windowed mode, the TV recognizes HDR, however, when KODI goes full screen, the TV switches to regular mode (no HDR detection).
The same thing happens, over and over again, whenever I toggle between windowed (HDR ok) and full screen (no HDR) mode. On this link you can see what I mean

As this is very frustrating, any ideas, suggestions would be highly appreciated !

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Adept I

Have a similar problem with only 2 monitors and one TV. This problem for more than 4 months!


The problem probably is with Kodi rather than HDR. Go to Kodi and join the Forum and ask them the same question you posted here and see what they say. That is unless this happens all the time with other programs, in which case, it probably then is a driver or configuration issue.


Unfortunately that is the case with all the players (tried 5 different ones). The only time this is not happening, is when I use youtube in full screen mode, through any browser