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Adept I

HD7970 tripple monintor support, help?

I was previously running the below system and ran extended desktop across two identical monitors and one TV. I used an HDMI port, a DVI port and a mini display port with no issues.

Mobo: Gigabyte GA-H97

CPU: i7 4790K

Ram: 32 bg DDR3 @ 1600

Video Cards: Dual AMD HD 7970s in crossfire

OS: win 10 64 bit home

I have upgraded to the following system using the same graphics cards but can only run two monitors, or one monitor and one tv now. I have tried every combination of ports on the video cards to no success. I have all latest drivers and updates. Also cannot access Eyefinity mode. Any help?

Additionally, i also cannot seem to run a monitor through the onboard video. I seem no way to enable in the bios.

Current system:

Asus TUF gaming x570 plus

Ryzen 7 3800x

ram 32 gb DDR4 @3200

Video Cards: Dual AMD HD 7970s in crossfire

OS: win 10 64 bit home



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I have had issues with recent drivers with my HD 7950 and multi monitors working right. I had to regress to old drivers then it was fine. Unless you need current drivers for gaming there really isn't much benefit to the new drivers. 


Ok thanks. Where do I find older drivers ? Which driver build worked for you?

Tried back to version. 19.8.2 from mid 2019. No go. 


Guru3D has great repository of old drivers. I would suggest ones from early 2017. 

Videocards - ATI Catalyst Windows 7 | 8 | 10 


I should add that when you regress drivers you will want a clean slate to load the drivers into. Run DDU from wagnardsoft_com, just follow the directions.