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Journeyman III

Green screen on Mortal kombat 11 with 5700 xt

While I am playing Mortal Kombat 11 My screen turns green and the PC resets itself.
Did someone else experienced a green screen and did fix it?

I've tried using DDU & install without radeon - didn't work for me.


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Adept I

I bought new system 2-3 weeks ago and I have ASUS DUAL RX 5600 XT. Also I had screen screen issues like you. I tried many ways for get rid of it but mostly they didnt work. 3 days ago, I tried new things for me. I have ASUS motherboard and I have Ryzen 5 3600 processor. I disabled CPB and PSS Support on BIOS. I uninstalled last driver with amdcleanuputility and I installed driver version 20.9.1. Also I uninstalled MSI Afterburner or similar programs. If I want to tracking my values, I use Adrenalin. I didnt have green screen for 3 days. Maybe, what I have done, they work for me.