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Journeyman III

Green/Black Screen Crashes

Just purchased and built a new PC last weekend.  Anytime I start certain games (so far) I get an immediate (less than 3mins max) and easily repeatable hard crash. All the monitors are solid black or green and you have to power off the system to reboot.

I've tried different drivers (using DDU to uninstall), different HDMI/DisplayPort Cables, Different Brand of Monitors (HP and Asus), and even different power supplies and memory testing (no errors).  Monitoring CPU and GPU with HWInfo and CoreTemp and they never went very high due to how fast the crash happens.

I ended up uninstalling the video card completely.  Installed my Nvidia 3060 TI and I have had no issues of crashes or issues running any games.

Returning the video card tomorrow and thinking of trying the 7900 GT but a bit wary of AMD video cards due to large number of complaints (googling) of this similar issue.


Welcome any suggestions before taking it back.


Games that I have tested with:

Guild Wars 2

Destiny 2

System Shock



Asrock RX 6950 XT 16GB Phantom

MSI z790 Edge Motherboard

Intel i7-12700k CPU

32GB DDR5-7200 Memory

Samsung EVO Pro M.2 Drive

Corsair 850 watt Powersupply

Be Quiet Pro 4 CPU Air Cooler

New Windows 10 Pro Install

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Journeyman III

Same problem here, 

many post on reddit ect... 

seems to have to solution but RMA, really disappointed by AMD.
Cable, OS, Screen, Adrenalin, Driver, Registry, DDU ect...
All tryed , all failed.

Quite 2 years after the first post, problems still there !!!