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Journeyman III

Graphics settings list Radeon FX R7 as powersaving& high performance gpu

Had many issues with only being able to run low-demanding games with low quality and/or frame rates even with everything set to high performance and plugged in. Recently discovered that although my task manager recognizes my RX 460 (4G), my graphics settings lists my Radeon R7 as both my power saving and high performance GPU. My laptop will max out my dedicated GPU (1 GB) but not touch more than .1 of my shared GPU memory (total listed 3.5). I know my laptop is capable of playing these games (ex. seen the same laptop play destiny 2 on high settings at 45-60 fps) while I have settings on lowest and hold 17-22 fps sometimes dipping down to 5 fps. Have tried updating drivers and BIOS, uninstalling and reinstalling, with no success.

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