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Graphics Cards

Journeyman III

Graphics Card won't allow 75hz

My specs:

Graphics card: Rx 580 2048sp 8gb

Ram: DDR3 8gb dual channel

Processor: Xeon X3450

Monitor: Asus VG245H 75hz


So I got a new monitor and for some reason my graphics card won't allow me to run on 75hz. I tried using this monitor with my laptop and it worked fine using hdmi and ran on 75hz. I tried it on my cousins computer which has a 750 ti and it ran on 75hz as well. I then connected my graphics card to my cousins computer and it then didn't work even with latest drivers. I tried using both hdmi ports with no success, leaving me to the conclusion that the problem is the graphics card. I wanted to ask whether this graphics card doesn't have support for 75hz and above or something?

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