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Journeyman III

graphics card not registering but displaying in device manager, not getting any activity on the card


So i have been having issues with my graphics card for a while now,  everytime i fire up a game, it messes up, lags out, crashes etc. I notice that my built in graphics card (rx560x) isnt being used, as in task manager its displaying as: GPU0 - Rx560x is running at 0%" even when playing video games... But now, my "GPU1 - AMD radeon Vega8 graphics coming" from my CPU is taking precedence. 

I have tried everywhere to download the radeon software settings but i dont seem to have it, when i right click all i seem to have is  the "AMD radeon Software" and not the settings, so when i go into it, i cant change the my primary card from my integrated graphics to my built in card... can anyone help me/ point me in the right direction? just wanna be able to play a few games on steam and get better performance out of my laptop as its becoming a pain on a £850 laptop for university... TYIA.

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Follow this:Laptop graphics update...How to 

Then this: 

If that doesn't work then talk to you laptop makers support department about why their laptop isn't working right. 


Will go through them steps! thank you