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Graphics Cards

Adept II

Graphics card installation

hello, i don't know but when i try to instal my graphics card it wont install, it just load and load nothing more.

Device: Asus Win10 - 64Bit 

Update Drivers - Microsoft Basic Display Adapter 2_24_2023 10_52_29 PM.png

As you see, i cant install via the original installer it was same, and i tried the manual way but it's the same, but if i auto update it the auto driver that it install is terrible and i never knew that older version of graphics card is better than the newer version

it's been like an hour but its just keep loading... before even for many times i installed via manual and original way it had no problem but yesterday i accidently auto update it and i uninstalled via DDU and wanted to install my original one that i was used for many month, so...any help? or some other way, i dunno but i think i'm going crazy 

(Sorry for my bad english)


"the real reason why i don't use Auto Update"


i dunno but...why?i dunno but...why?


after auto updateafter auto update

newest version lolnewest version lol





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