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Journeyman III

Graphical glitches and stuttering RX6600 Hellhound

I'm experiencing graphical glitches and stuttering on my RX 6600 Hellhound from Powercolor. I have a double monitor setup, both monitors are FHD, one is 75Hz and the other is 144Hz. Sometimes when I'm using my PC i see weird horizontal flickering bars (they're not solid, more like horizontal bars of white noise), or/and strong stuttering. It happens randomly on either of my monitors, changing cables didn't work (both monitors work on DisplayPort because i wanted the 144Hz experience, and the 6600 has 3 DisplayPort ports), it's also not a PSU or temperature issue, I checked both of those. I had similar issues with my previous GPU (Sapphire Pulse RX 570 8GB), but it was only stuttering, no horizontal flickering bars. I reinstalled my drivers using DDU, but that didn't help. I thought it may be caused by IRQ conflicts, but somebody said the conflicts aren't really "a thing" in Windows 11, so I'm kinda lost at this point. What can I do to fix/troubleshoot the issue?

OS: Windows 11 Pro
CPU: Ryzen 5 3600
GPU: Powercolor Hellhound RX 6600
RAM: 4x8GB DDR4 Patriot Viper 3000MHz
MOBO: ASRock B450 Pro4

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Windows 98 is the last time I dealt with IRQ conflicts, lol

Incidentally, I run a 27" 1440p 144hz primary via HDMI, and a secondary 27" 1080p 60hz over DP

And your CPU and GPU temps are fine you said .. how is your airflow thru your case? You have to keep your VRM's and RAM cool too 

You failed to list your power supply make/model ...? and how did you test it to rule it out?

Make sure your motherboard's BIOS is up to date

Make sure you have the latest AM4 chipset drivers installed from

Do you have issue's with your PC IF you run just 2 sticks of RAM in slots A2/B2?

Are you overclocking anything?

Have you tried simply setting a more aggressive fan curve? and/or just doing an auto undervolt to see if that helps at all?

ThreeDee PC specs
Journeyman III

My airflow is average I think, maybe I should invest in an another fan or two, but the glitches and stuttering also happen when pc is completely idle, no load or games whatsoever. And I ruled out the PSU simply because it supplies enough watts to the system and hasn't caused any trouble yet, the model is SilentiumPC Vero L3 500W and the last time I calculated it seemed it was enough, but now I see that it might pose a little bit of a problem (even though still, the glitches happen when the pc isn't using much power too). I updated my BIOS fairly recently and I'm on the latest non-beta version 5.00. I've just installed the new chipset drivers and I'll report back if the glitches still happen. I'll also check the RAM issue and report back if the chipset drivers aren't the cause. I'm not overclocking anything at all except for the RAM, but glitches happened on overclocked and non-overclocked ram. I'll also try to undervolt the components in AMD software to see if it does anything.