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Graphics Cards


GPUs w/ USB Type-C

#Good Morning Developers,  
Currently the Thunderbolt Spec went royalty free (open source?) then was immediately absorbed into the USB4 Spec. Type-C being a requirement for Thunderbolt (3) we can assume USB4 to be available in full on the Type-C port only and partially on USB-A ports. My question is since Thunderbolt since it's first iteration supports display and audio in one cable (DisplayPort Standard through Mini DisplayPort); Why not make a GPU that has Type-C ports? We know that external displays and eGPU boxes use Type-C ports w/ Thunderbolt 3 (thunderbolt 2 previously) to output Graphics (HDMI but DisplayPort native) and USB can do Graphics w/o the Thunderbolt Spec; Why not implement Displayport through Type-C ports directly on the GPU? 

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