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Journeyman III

gpu was in RIP mode

how long does a gpu last without using it will their be any issues in future if not used for long time

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Depends on how it's stored. If you keep it inside the anti-static bag, it the box or a good box, in a normal temperature, dry place, no direct sunlight, it should out last you. All electronics degrade over time, even unused, but it's how you store it that determines the period of time before it's useless. I would probably keep the last working driver on hand on a DVD in a case, just in case you want to use it 50 years from now or something nuts. USB flash drive might not last as long.

"It worked before you broke it!"

From what I have read  it seems like it is 5 years for the average life of a working AMD GPU cards.

If you never install it and keep it in its original packaging under good environmental conditions it should last for many years past 5 years.

In my opinion, Maybe the only thing that might need to be replaced before using the GPU card is the Thermal Paste if older than 5 years without use. Since Thermal paste generally has a limited shelve time.

Depends if they used a paste or TIM like the 6000 cards use. Some grey pastes are non-drying as well so not knowing what GPU OP is referring to, we can only say a very long time in good packaging, in a cool, dry place. Op could be an Nvidia spy, lol.

"It worked before you broke it!"

bro it is an saphire pluse rx 570 and its kindof working but not 

i bot it from a seller how told it hasint been used for a long time 

 installed on the system mostly installed all the drivers nothing changed

then checked with gpuz and msi after burner shows the same 0 mhz on both the core and memory and

shows the ventor as msi

i then istalled another gpu on the same system which works fine 

it works ok for streming but wile gaming i am geting about 4 to 5 fps  

i am using dell insproin 3647 (new case) i3 4160 with dell 2yrk5 mob win 8.1 550w smps

i coud not load an image for your reference


Try doing the following:

Download this:Display Driver Uninstaller Download version (  and also follow these instructions to get the driver you need for Windows 8: Solved: Adrenalin 2020 on Windows 8.1? - AMD Community

Disconnect from the net after downloading that stuff. Run DDU in safe mode, for Windows 8:  How to easily enter safe mode in windows 8? (One-click series) (

Now you can run DDU and remove the current AMD driver. Repeat if you had an Nvidia driver prior. Now when the PC reboots, follow the instructions in that "Solved" article to finish installing that driver.

Try things out. If it's still not working, Get Windows 10 by downloading the Media creation Tool and choose Windows 10 X64 Home, you will need an 8GB USB drive. You can buy an OEM key from an auction site legally. Then download the 20.8.3 driver from here for windows 10 X64: Radeon™ RX 570 Previous Drivers | AMD 

Since it would be a fresh Windows 10 install, no need to run DDU, just install that package, disconnect from the internet before you reboot. Then go into the Radeon settings and turn off auto updates. Go back online. It should work as intended, these cards are made for Windows 7 x64 or X32 and Windows 10 x64 or X32. AMD skipped 8 altogether although some have gotten the driver part to work with Windows 7 drivers only, not the entire package. They use Afterburner to control the card after the driver installs.

If all fails, return it for a refund.

"It worked before you broke it!"