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Journeyman III

GPU Usage dropping to 0%

My RX570 Usage is dropping to 0% when i played a games like valorant etc, it causing to an extreme fps drop to like 2 - 10

i have updated my gpu driver, bios, bios chipset, reinstalling windows but the problem still appear, can you guys help me with this, i just upgraded my motherboard, processor and psu last week

im searching towards all over website and do every solution that solved people problem but it doesnt resolve my proble, i tried with my friend's gpu R7 350 and run valorant, the gpu usage is fine and stable, no lag appear, is there any hardware trouble with my gpu or what?

my spec is 

processor : Ryzen 5 5600x

gpu : Radeon RX 570 powercolor vram 4gb

Ram : adata spectrix 16gb 8x2

Motherboard : Galax B550m

Powersupply : Gigabyte 550 watt

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Journeyman III

how about ur graphic card problem bro ? its solved ? 

Galax B550M stable using R5 3600 i dont know if this motherboard will stable if using R5 5600 series, i still searching for people experience combine this R5 5600 series with GALAX B550m or B550m EX



Volunteer Moderator

I'm curious too.  Did you change anything to make your system stable?  

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