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Adept I

gpu/cpu clock drops on r3 3200g due to ram oc

so i am currently struggling with this issue for about 2 weeks and now maybe i have some hint of this problem so my specs are r3 3200g(APU) , b450 a pro max mobo (msi) , 8x2 corsair lpx veangence cl16 3200mhz , psu antec 550 watt

so when i enable xmp or oc my ram to 3200mhz , during a 100% gpu load both cpu and gpu clock drops to 0.54ghz and 200mhz respectively, but when im running my ramon 2666mhz or less , the problem doesnt exist check this image the TDC(soc) value remains 60-70% on 2666mhz but it goes to 80% when running on 3200mhz and so the throttling occurs, is there anything i can do to fix this? thanks in advance

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