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Journeyman III

Going over VRAM memory on RX580

Hi everyone, I just bought my first gaming computer and have little knowledge. I have the AMD Radeon Software driver installed to check the performance of my games. I was playing CIV 6 and checked it just cause (had no issues) and realized I was going over my VRAM memory limit (VRAM 4096 MB GDDR5 2000 MHz). My video memory usage was at 5000MB but my MHZ was still at 1600. Does this count as overclocking and will it damage my GPU using it like this frequently? Also does the Radeon Software auto overclock? Please don't suggest upgrading because I cannot at this time. Thanks Everyone! 

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GPU memory is divided into two categories: Dedicated and Shared, which combine to make the total GPU memory. Dedicated memory is the VRAM on your card, and is used as the frame buffer as well as assets in use or which will soon be in use, such as textures. Shared memory is comprised of a section of RAM and page file which is used to store assets not in use but may be used again in the future so they are stored for quick access again without having to be regenerated.

Memory clock and memory usage are not related, memory clock is related to utilization and heat, and there is an automatic boost function built into the cards which will increase the speeds while heat and power usage is under a certain limit.