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Journeyman III

Glitch effect, graphic problems with Radeon RX580

While I was playing Heroes of the storm after a Windows update some weird glitch effect appeared, the game and the rest of the programs runs very well but having this problem. I have card drivers updated.

I checked if it’s my radeon580, installing other graphic card and this problem disappeared.

It also happens in mozilla firefox, after effects and all the games I had.

Any ideas to fix this problem?

My system:

CPU - AMD Ryzen 7 2700 Eight-Core Processor

Grahic card - RX 580

RAM - 32Gb

Windows 10

3 Replies
Journeyman III

I have the exact same problem and it occurs in a lot of games, some even crash because of this...
GTA V and FIFA 20 crash after a while since this problem occured, but games like rocket league, rainbow six siege, far cry 5 and valorant do not crash, but the graphical glitches are annoying.
A couple of weeks ago when i got my rx 580 I didn't have any problems, I mean if I was using the stock tuning settings in wattman, the games wouldn't glitch or crash, but I noticed that if I undervolt it a bit, slight glitches would appear but they were not annoying and I kept playing with my undervolted settings, but since my windows updated everything started glitching like in your video and I thought it's glitching because of the undervolted settings, so I returned the stock settings, because I remembered that they didn't have any problems, but with the stock settings it became even worse... I updated the drivers, because a friend told me that the new windows update doesn't support the version of my drivers, but the problem is still here... Can anyone help us?

Journeyman III

I'm having the same problem! GTA V crashes (even though I think I solved it by updating the driver) and Rocket League is always crashing after some time playing. Sometimes it just crashes. When it lasts longer, I have a lot of visual glitches. In GTA some thing in the map glitch and the same happens in Rocket League. It's the only two games that I play with this issue. I tried everything to solve it. I rebooted my whole PC. Pls help



Maybe after 3 years you have figured out how to fix it? It happens to me too. GTA V glitches and Rocket League, sometimes even Minecraft. Any fix?