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Adept II

Gigabyte rx 570 4gb problems

I recently was playing gta 5 and was having a problem where every so often it freeze for a second or 2 and I set the settings back to default and the screen went checker board with really small squares and some of the squares the background was visible the squares were pixilated. So I used ddu and reinstalled the latest whql windows 11 drivers and I am afraid that didn't fix it because, I still get random pauses.

I had a similar problem before but, I found out that time it was caused by running afterburner and gigabyte's overclocking software that conflicted with each other. I fixed it by doing my overclocking in catalyst.


Aorus B450 m

Ryzen 5600x

2666mhz 16gb 2x8 sticks

evga gq 850

corsair h60 (2018)

500gb seagate barracuda 2.5" ssd

500gb pny cs900 2.5" ssd

500gb 2.5" hdd

samsung 980 nvme ssd (games)

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Adept II

Can this error have anything to do with my pc crashing? I looked up kernel event error 141 and one possible reason for the error is gpu driver. I hope that I fixed it when I used ddu in safe mode and installed the amd gpu drivers.erroramd.png