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Journeyman III

Gigabyte Radeon 6800XT - No Display



I ordered a new pre-built PC and it contains a Gigabyte AORUS Radeon 6880XT.

When I plug the PC in and turn it on, the fans spin up, lights come on, RAM lights up. I can see the motherboard codes going through several stages before ending on AA which to my experience means everything posted fine.

All the lights and flashy stuff on the graphics card light up. However I get nothing on my monitor. I have tried USB-C, Display Port and HDMI and my monitor simple states no signal. It does detect a cable is plugged in however.

I've plugged in my old machine and it boots fine using the same monitor/keyboard and mouse.

I am running a Gigabyte AORUS B550 Master Motherboard and a Ryzen 5800X. It has built in graphics and I even tired plugging in HDMI to the motherboard but get nothing.

I've approached the store I purchased it from, but also been doing some Google to see if I'm experiencing an issue someone else has and thought I'd try here to see if anyone had a suggestion that might help.

Thanks for your time.


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