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Getting random short black screens while in fullscreen

Hey, so I´ve got this problem and I tried to solve it many many ways and nothing helped at all. I´m kinda losing my mind.

So the problem is I´m getting totally random black screens for like 2-5 seconds while I´m in fullscreen either games or sometime it actually happened while I was watching movie. Sometimes once a day, sometimes 4 times in a span of a 3 minutes (it´s really random).

The things I tried:

  • Changing cables for monitor/graphic card,
  • I´ve filed a complaint and got a new graphic card (the same type but you know what I mean xd),
  • Tried to tact the graphic card,
  • And the most interesting thing is I tried putting my graphic card into pc of my friend who has the same one but from different distributor...and I didn´t get one black screen (I just hope this wasn´t a coincidence). Then we´ve tried connect his Power Unit, because I have kinda old one and we still got the black screen with his new one.
  • Got a new motherboard, cpu and ram (happened only twice in 2 days but it might be coincidence, didn´t really play that much),
  • I have reinstalled windows to new SSD,
  • My graphic card drivers are updated to the date (tried removing them with DDU and installing them afterwards),
  • There are no viruses,
  • I think I tried different monitor, but it wasn´t as good as this. But nevertheless as I said a few sentences before it didn´t happened with my friedns PC.
  • It can´t be because of plugs (happened in old and new house too),
  • I can´t remember right now  if I tried anything else but yeaah. 

I would appreciate If you could help me. Down below are my components.

  • Graphic card - XFX GTS Radeon RX 580 8GB TripleX Edition
  • Monitor - 24" Acer KG241QP Gaming, 144Hz##
  • SSD - Crucial MX500 250GB
  • CPU - AMD RYZEN 3 3100
  • Motherboard - MSI B450M PRO-VDH MAX
  • RAM - HyperX 8GB DDR4 3200Mhz CL16 FURY series
  • I have some kind of older Power Unit but as I said new one from my friend didn´t help so I dont think there is a problem (but idk),
  • I´ve got 2 fans on the side of my case.

BTW do you think it is possible that the problem is this really old case? I know it sounds stupid but I´ve tried so much..some electricity going through there? I don´t really know anymore. It´s basically  the only thing I didnt try new i guess??? IDK

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