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Graphics Cards

Getting insane bad frames out of no where

When the graphics card got delivered it worked perfect but today it start noticing insane frame drop when normally I had 60+ all the time in each game now was below 30 in each game. I looked at the task manager and saw that my GPU Usage was 100% what I haven't seen. Then I looked at the aorus graphics engine at GPU Usage and I could see spikes from 100% To 0% most off the time on 100% normally the usage was like 63% and I would have normal frame rate that was at least above 60 fps. I installed all kinds of updates but non seem to be working. I really need some help

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Based on what you are saying I would be looking at Crypto Mining Malware maybe has infested your computer. If you are not aware of how to deal with malware, is a great reputable and free resource. There are so many bad sights claiming to help. I stick with bleep and I highly suggest you get some proper malware scans going.  Sometimes these crypto miners are just driveby miners that run in your browser. This is happening at youtube right now. It has even been in the news. Killing your browser, will shut them down, not just closing the page but exiting the whole browser. Hit ctrl-alt-delete and watch what is using your cpu cycles. If it is browser based to ublock origin by ray hill add on for chrome, firefox and edge does block known drive by crypto miners.