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Journeyman III

Getting Black screen on sapphire Rx 580 8gb special edition

I recently bought a used rx 580 8gb special edition from a person which i know personally ( just telling it bcz i trust him), and during purchase i tested the gpu for almost 30 mins with stress test (70-72C) and played rdr2 (74-75 the room temperature was like 32C) with ultra and medium settings i faced no issue or stutter completely fine GPU,
then i went to my cousins home because he is expert in these kind of things and he told me to stay for a night at our home since my home was in other city,
so i tested my GPU in his PC as well i played rainbow six siege in 2k with everything ultra and the GPU usage was constant 90-100% for 1 hour i guess no issue in GPU completely fine,
Then i came home the other day and installed the GPU in my PC and after installing drivers i was getting freeze screen for like 1 min then my screen goes  black but my GPU fans as well fans of heatsink leds extra was still running
I tried opening PC for like 4 ,5 times but getting random freeze screen without any load,
The seller told me that it is your RAM issue then i removed single stick and it worked,
The issue was not in my Ram i think it was in motherboard slot now whenever i put Ram in that slot i dont get any display im only on 4gb ram now,
Now i get black screen when open Apex legends and play the game for like 4-5 mins sometimes i even finish the round then screen goes black i don't hear anything in game but sometimes my computer restarts on its own and sometimes my PC remains ON but no display
When i play Paladins  since its GPU usage is low i get no black screen after hours off playing
Then someone told me that it is ur PSU issue that ur PSU is weak so i told my cousin (the cousin on who's PC i tested my GPU) to bring me your PSU (650 watt)
But i got the black screen issue once again
I checked an rx 560 in my computer it worked with no black screen issue
I have tried installing new and old drivers of this GPU after cleaning the old ones
with ddu
The Gpu is in stock not overclocked
And i also updated my windows 10 to latest version when having black screens
My PC specs are
i7 4790 non K
Msi h81m-p33
8gb ram
500 watt 80+ seasonic PSU

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