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Journeyman III

getting 3 monitors working on rx 570

how to get 3 monitors to work continuously on a saffire rx 570 card with 2 dp's, 2 hdmi's and 1 dvi.

i can use a dp and hdmi or both hdmi's but not a third port on the card. i have to hook up the third monitor through the motherboard.

i can get two monitors to work and not three. very strange since i have 2 r7 360's at home that 3 monitors are hooked up on each card

with no issues.



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How are you hooking them up. Do all monitors have Display Port and HDMI? If not, and all are HDMI or DVI only, you will need to hook two up HDMI or DVI. The other will need an ACTIVE Display Port to HDMI or DVI adaptor.


I have the 570 with one hdmi and 3 displayports. It will run any two of the outputs but not three. I have active displayport to hdmi converters on the two displayport outputs. I have restarted, updated drivers, unplugged / replugged, etc. Only two (any two) will come up.

Is there a particular displayport to hdmi converter that is needed? I bought the Plugable here: