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General questions AMD Remote Workstation concerning realtime performance

I'm looking for a solution where I can remote control physical workstations in a very performant way. Now I found out that the Radeon Pro GPU W5000series cards support accelerated RDP experience. I found also some infos that you have to make some changes in the Group policies inside Windows so the GPU acceleration uses AVC/444 encoding.

Can you tell me if the Radeon Pro GPU W5000series and drivers are more optimized to get a better user experience (better frame rates, better visual quality)? Because I also made tests with Windows 10 and Nvidia Geforce cards where I also enabled the Group policies inside Windows and detected also a good user experience.  So is there any differenece and benefit between AMD Radeon Pro cards and Nvidia Geforce cards when in both environments the Group policies inside Windows are activated? Is there a technical difference/optimization for AMD Radeon Pro cards which differs from other GPUs like Nvidia or also AMD Gaming GPUs?

Are there also experiences in comparison to PCoIP?

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