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Adept I

Gaming card together with Radeon Pro WX 5100


My son is going to build a new system. I bought a Radeon Pro WX 5100 card for him to run SolidWorks and alike. But he insist that he wants to play high end games like Need for Speed, FIFA also. I saw NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1060 and Quadro P600 both cards can run together as they both share same driver. Can anyone suggest a similar solution so that I can save the money spent on Radeon Pro WX 5100.

Thanks in advance

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If you intend on using AMD Crossfire for higher performance in games than with a single card, just remember that Crossfire compatibility and performance varies with each game, and that Crossfire performance is usually at most ~30% better than a single card.

The consumer counterpart of the WX 5100 is the RX 470 8GB. You should install the workstation drivers with the WX 5100 installed, then use the multi-driver feature to switch to the latest gaming drivers when you want to use the RX 470.

You shouldn't have very high expectations of the WX 5100's gaming performance though - the lack of a PCIe power supply connector means that it draws at most 75W from the motherboard's PCIe slot, and the cooling solution will be loud and probably inadequate when running intense gaming workloads.

Thanks Jargon for replying. I'll forget about Crossfire. I just want to make use of the card I bought and at the same time make my son happy. I will consider the option you suggested; WX 5100 together with a RX 470 8GB. Is it possible to transfer the load to the RX 470 when playing games and back to WX 5100 when using SolidWorks? What about the monitor? Will I have to use 2 monitors for 2 cards? Can a single driver handle both cards? What is the best motherboard+processor combination come to your mind for this setup? budget I'm having in my mind is around $1500.00.


Radeon RX 470 is not freely available. 5XX series had replaced 4XX. Will RX 570 be able to co-exist with WX 5100?



With both cards connected to the system I believe the 'main' GPU under load will be the one that you connect the display to when you boot the system. However you still need to switch between workstation and gaming drivers to take advantage of the desired GPU in applications.

I don't think the consumer card will be detected with the workstation driver and vice versa, so 2 monitors for 2 cards won't even be a possibility with your setup. Neither is crossfire.

I'll leave the motherboard+processor combination to someone else, though where I live $1500.00 is not enough to purchase these two cards and be able to take advantage of them with the CPU.


I see your point. Now I also feel, this setup may not work. As I already have the WX 5100, I guess I will have to live with that.

Thanks for your time.


If you mean just connecting them to the same computer through different PCIe slots, then yes. You could even place a consumer Vega 64 beside the WX 5100 if you wanted to. The drivers won't be able to detect both cards, only the one that they support (WX 5100 for workstation driver, and RX 470/570 for consumer driver).


can 2 drivers co-exist in one system?


Adrenalin driver 18.7.1 supports both cards.



The link you posted has software that uses two drivers. One for Professional uses and the other for gaming. It is the Radeon Pro Software Adrenaline version not the Enterprise.

When you install the Radeon Pro Adrenaline you need to activate or install the "OPTIONS" part of the driver. This will give you the ability to install both Professional and gaming drivers for your WX5100.

This is the "OPTIONS" User guide to give an idea how it is installed and works with your Professional AMD GPU card:

Yes, now it's clearer. I read the document and also found some more info. in the web. this will not support a 2-card setup. instead, they try to help people who get bored (because they sit infront of their workstation too long) by influencing them to play a lite game on their pro gpu.

Adept I

tried Radeon RX 580 and Radeon PRO WX 5100 in the same system. they can't co-exist. Auto-Detect and Install Radeon Graphics Drivers for Windows software crashes when run. Adrenalin Edition 18.10.2 doesn't recognize PRO WX 5100 and also crashes. Device Manager shows an exclamation on PRO WX 5100.

Radeon Pro Software for Enterprise works with the WX 5100 card making it primary but makes RX 580 idle. still doesn't crash.

any new ideas on how to use both cards in the same machine. don't need to use both simultaneously. Isn't it possible to disable 1 card in Device Manager, reboot the system and use the other card, vise-versa? I mean booting for SolidWorks using PRO WX 5100 and rebooting again with RX 580 for games...?


I remember that fsadough​ mentioned that the Professional GPU driver doesn't support consumer GPU cards according to this earlier thread:

Copied from thread link above:

Re: Radeon Pro WX 3100 + Radeon R7 430 = "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported pr...


You combine a Gamer board with a Workstation board, this is not supported. 18.Q3.1 is a workstation driver and does not support Radeon R7, that's why you get the error code. Without a MST-Hub you will not be able to get 5x displays from any low-profile graphics card. If you have to have 5x displays. Return the WX3100, remove the R7 and purchase and install a WX4100 + a MST-Hub.


I checked the previous reply,

First of all, AMD Crossfire can actually bring a lot of performance improvements.

and I think you can try the Vega Frontier (although perhaps the suggestion is too late now)

and about driver....Please try to read the following link:

If you try to install the latest version of Radeon Software Adrenalin... maybe you can find something interesting



I did a few experiments and only installed the RadeonPRO driver →

Windows recognizes RX Vega and Vega frontier, but only displays VEGA FE in the driver


Cleanly install Radeon Software Adrenalin→Get the results of the screenshots I sent above



just try that

Maybe you will find better results

Adept I

Hi all,

thanks a lot for all for all the comments and suggestion!

my religion teaches me, answers outnumbers questions in this world. you have more answers to each and every question you encounter. there are no questions/problems without answers/solutions.

I found a answer for this question. dual boot. Bought another hard disk (more spending ) and installed another instance of Windows 10 Pro on to it. one instance named "Gaming Boot". other "CAD Boot". in Gaming Boot, Radeon Pro WX 5100 is disabled in Device Manager. in CAD Boot, Radeon RX 580 is disabled. even though my LG UHD monitor has 3 inputs (1 DP, 2 HDMI), connecting both cards using 2 cables freezes Windows in boot. have to restart again to boot into (changed) os correctly. Therefore, for the moment, I will use 2 DP extenders and manually connect monitor to relevant GPU. bit hassle there. also had to disable 'auto update drivers' in Windows otherwise suddenly Windows enables disabled card. And also, because there is not enough space between 2 cards (RX 580 on x16 and WX 5100 on x8), RX 580 is getting hotter than previous. therefor I thought of taking the WX 5100 away from the motherboard using a pci-e riser cable (out of the casing). That's it.