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Journeyman III

Games Lag/Stutter when Vsync is turned OFF.

Hi there! So I've been having this problem for quite a while now and I can't seem to be able to get around it. Everytime I launch a game, it simply stutters if the vertical syncronisation is turned OFF. Yes, when it is OFF. If I turn the vsync back on, everything seems to be working fine. I've tried tweaking the settings little by little but without any result. I was so desperate I've even flushed a new bios intro the GPU and also did a clean driver install. Also, every video file that I was playing in full screen was lagging as well but the reflushed bios got rid of that issue. All my pc parts are brand new, exept for some ram sticks that I've pulled out from my pld PC. Here's what I'm running:
AMD Sapphire RX 480 Nitro+ 8GB
Intel I5 4570 at 3.2 GHZ
14 GB RAM( first I had 8 and I thought more RAM will help, it did not)
I also have a 500W PSU FrOm AYRUS with 80+ something, whatever that means.
I've also made a video showcasing the problem in 2 games but the problem is present in any game. Rainbow 6 siege, where I managed to do a side by side with vsync on/off, and For Honor where, for some reason, the benchmark deactivates the vsync so you'll have only the off version. Any help is welcomed. Cheers!
Here's the link to the video:


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