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Adept I

Game suddenly is running poorly

So I've been playing Halo 3 (MCC) on my RX580 for a couple years now and since it is an older game it ran great. Playing on an Acer 1440p 170hz monitor with freesync on. I own MCC via windows store and it isn't detected in Radeon Software and it gives me an error when I try to add it so I never messed with any settings other than the in-game settings and I have FreeSync enabled on my monitor. The game ran flawlessly on high settings with OBS recording gameplay and I never noticed any issues. It actually would run better than my Series X just due to the extra in-game settings I could tweak.


However, suddenly my game runs poorly. It's like when you switch from 120+hz down to 60hz and how jarring it is on the eyes and I'm not sure what to do. When there is motion it looks jarring and I'm pretty sure the screen is tearing too. My GPU temps are fine, CPU usage only around 40% or so when I checked. When I change the game's resolution to 1080p the problem persists.


Not sure how relevant this is, but when I turn my monitor's FreeSync off it gets around 150fps @1440p and when I turn it on it gets between 150-180 frames per second even though my monitor has a 170hz refresh rate.


I tried uninstalling my last windows update which didn't fix the issue, now I'm going to roll back my GPU drivers or re-install them completely.


Also, I really only use my PC to play Halo 3 and for basic video editing. I have no programs in my startup folder and my services are trimmed down pretty good. My hard drives have plenty of room on them.


I can play on my series X but I literally just bought a 240hz BenQ monitor just for MCC... Any advice greatly appreciated.

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