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Journeyman III

Game starts fine, but starts freezing after changing tabs

Ok so i've a Sappphire AMD RX 470  and after updating to the newest drivers, 

when i open a game, all is fine, but I can not switch tabs?

for example: i open any game and all is ok, however if either i load a mod, or change a video setting (anything that takes it out of full screen for a moment) when it reopens the game, it will work for about 1-2 seconds before freezing, until i tab out and back in again

ive tried this with

- adding a setting to limit the maximum FPS

- changing a song through spotify

- loading a mod into a game

I dont think this matters much as its happened on a variety of games, but its occurred on is

CoD World at war

Apex Legends

IW4X (mw2 basically)

Ive the latest updated version of drivers (never happened on older versions) 

any suggestions of how to fix this i appreciate

(if the issue doesnt make sense, i can upload a video to help show my problem)

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