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Journeyman III

Game crashing with 6800XT in Red Orchestra 2/ Rising Storm


I recently upgraded my old PC (i5 3570k and GTX 770) to a complete AMD build (5600x and 6800XT) with a fresh windows install. I never had a single crash on that system with any game in 8 years.

But since the hardware upgrade I can't play my favourite game Red Orchestra 2/ Rising Storm anymore without it crashing. The successor Rising Storm 2 works without any problems and other games like GTA 5 work just fine. It is only this particular game causing issues.

It is mostly a crash to desktop with "RedOrchestra 2 has stopped working" or the game just freezing while the game music keeps playing in the background and I have to kill the process in the task manager to stop it.

The game is from 2011 and even on highest settings, the CPU and GPU usage is very low. I already tried a very old driver for that gpu but it didnt fix the issue.

I hope this is fixable. Any ideas?

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