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Adept I

Game Crashes Frostpunk Radeon RX 7900 XT

Game Issues: Frostpunk


I bought Frostpunk and after about 45 minutes of gameplay I always have to live with a sudden game crash without error message. I don't know if the latest AMD graphics cards need to be tuned separately for the game, but with my graphics card and setup it should be no problem at all to play Frostpunk, since it is not really graphics intensive.

With other games, which eat more performance, this doesn't happen.

My computer as follows:

Ryzen 7 700X
ASRock B650 LiveMixer
XFX Speester MERC 310 Radeon RX 7900XT 20GB
NZXT T120 Air Cooler - RC - TN120-Bq - CPU Cooler

G.Skill Ripjas Black DIMM Kit 32G GB
Western Digital PC SN530 NVMe SS 256GB
Curcial BX500 2TB SATA SSD

Thermaltake Versa T27 TG ARGB Black (Case)
be quiet! Pure Wings 2 High-Speed

Windows 11
All Windows updates done | All driver updates up to date | Bios is up to date

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Adept III

If your PC crashes within such a regular period of time because of one game, then it sounds strongly like there is some corruption in a particular file of the game itself. You didn't say whether you've reinstalled the game, but if you haven't then try that for a starters. Another cause might be power spikes, which has been a problem with that game with previous generations of cards and/or drivers. If that's the case, then downvolting the gpu may fix the problem.

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Actually frostpunk will take the AMD drivers out.  The 45 minute timing is interesting.  I've had to reload the AMD drivers multiple times when frost punk crashes.  It doesn't seem to like having a second monitor while playing the device.  I have to reload the driver to get the second monitor back every time it crashes.


Try using radeon chill in the adrenaline driver to limit your fps to your monitors refresh rate and see how that goes.