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Journeyman III

Fullscreen video aspect ratio problems (black bars) Win10, RX570

Hi, not sure where else to turn with this question.

I recently did a fresh install of Win10 20H2 Enterprise.  Running a 27" 1440p monitor as primary via DP and a 55" vizio 4k TV as secondary monitor via HDMI.  Msi Armor RX570 8gb card, 20.12.1 drivers.

Having a very annoying problem.  When i full screen video (streaming services like twitch and youtube, also native video like VLC) on my secondary monitor (4k TV 2160p resolution), i get two black bars on either side of the screen (left and right).  Even though video sources should be correct aspect ratio for TV, for some reason black bars are being added on either side.  Doesn't happen on my 1440p monitor, everything displays perfectly full screen as expected.

I dont have this problem when running exact same setup under various linux distributions, and I dont believe it happened on my previous windows install.  Happens whether or not 4k TV is primary or secondary.  I uninstalled and reinstalled AMD drivers using the AMD driver cleanup utility with no difference.

Any suggestions?

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