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Freeze/crash on RX 6750 xt

When I start to play riots games there is always a chance that my games freezes or crashes in averages once per game (mainly freeze), also when I play other games it have a high possibility to crash when alt tapping out. I did uninstall and reinstall drivers, games and reboot the whole pc, and it doesn't really seem to work. It doesn't seem to have any freezing or crashing for other software but just gaming. Thank you for helping!

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Have you looked into possible temperature issues? When posting it really helps to give as much information about your system as possible.



Motherboard and BIOS version

RAM capacity, speed, and configuration

PSU make and model



This can help us understand what it is you are working with and aid us in troubleshooting. Note that this is a community forum. The majority of people here can't just hop in and "fix" drivers. Most of us are just regular people who want to help others if we can.

Furthermore, drivers can be hit or miss with certain hardware configurations. Sometimes you have to try a few different versions before you find the ones that work best for your system. 22.5.1 is the recommended version as it has been tested thoroughly, the rest can provide performance uplifts in some newer titles, but they should be treated as beta or optional, as they are not as thoroughly tested.

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