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Journeyman III

Freesync problem with LC24FG73FQUXEN


I got problems with Freesync on my monitor LC24FG73FQUXEN. If i use DP and put 144Hz with Freesync i got some issue on screen line this

Freesync white stripes - YouTube

White stripes on the left corner of the screen when Freesync is on when i turn off it there is no problem, on HDMI port there is no issue with Freesync but its 120Hz.

I check other drivers and issue still exist. Now i want to check other cable and i will get replace monitor to other LC24FG73FQUXEN.

Is this is issue with drivers AMD ? Any1 here got this monitor + amd card + freesyn with DP 144Hz ??LC24FG73FQUXEN

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