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Journeyman III

Freesync causes unusable stuttering/choppiness and cannot be disabled

For months I have been having issues with freesync causing unplayable choppiness. Any framerate below 75 fps is completly unplayable, and anything above is only slightly better. My main game for testing fixes is Modern Warfare 2019, although every game has this issue. I have tried most recent drivers all the way back to 2019 drivers i found from a support thread for another freesync issue. The windmill demo is the only thing that looks even remotly smooth, even just scrolling websites is extremtly choppy. For reference, using a friends setup running at ~15 fps on MW on a cheapo 60hz no freesync monitor felt more smooth. I even tested this on an early 2000s HDMI tv and it felt much more smooth. Im desparate so any help is EXTREMELY appriciated.

Current Specs:

Rx580 4GB


16gb 1066mhz ddr3

Windows 7 (Fresh install created yesterday as an attempt to fix)

Normal Specs:

Rx580 4gb


8gb 2400mhz ddr4 (Dual Channel)

Windows 10 (~2 months old, not much installed)

Monitor: Acer SB220Q bi 21.5 inch HDMI @ 75hz

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