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Journeyman III

Frame rate drop during gaming

Hello there,

Hardware specifics:

Custom build desktop

AMD Ryzen 5 1600 on B520 MoBo, 16GB RAM

2 HD, 256GB SSD as system and 2TB HDD for large files (separate partitions)

Radeon HD7700 series (I think 7770), 400MHz core, 1100Mhz GDDR

Everything running factory setup, no overclocking. Economy build.


When I play Flight SImulator X (Direct X 9, no 10 update), it reaches standard 20fps (or whatever I set).

However, in next few minutes it slows down, framerate dropping to single digits (like 5-7-9fps, depending on complexity).

When I go to Settings, Display, and adjust anything (for example filtering changed from anisotropic to triple) -> it returns to original values, and the story repeats - in a few minutres I'll be back to single digits.

I think the problem is related to driver/app setup, as I think it started somewhere when 19.x version was installed. It also looks like some sort of "GPU overloading", however it's just a feeling, not a given.

Any hints would be appreciated. Thanks


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