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Journeyman III

FPS issues in league of legends after upgrading to amd radeon 7600

Hi there!


I recently bought a new graphics card, upgrading from my GeForce 2060 rtx to a radeon xt7600.  On the GeForce I would get consistent 140 ish fps, without suffering fps drops. Since upgrading, I start a game of summoners rift with 200 FPS, and slowly watch it fall to about 120 without it just dropping down to 40 randomly throughout the game. 

Ever since this issue started (back in October) I've been trying different things to get this fixed. 


I have: reset my PC, downloaded all new drivers, uninstalled the nvdia ones that were associated with the computer before - even using a DDU in order to uninstall and make sure my device was clean before reinstalling AMD Adrenaline and getting the up to date drivers. I've also made sure my monitors were set up correctly, changed some of the windows settings involving game modes and overlays.


I know league of legends is a CPU intensive game, which just makes me all that more confused as to why this is happening and how to fix it since it's only League that I am having problems with.

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