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Journeyman III

FPS drops when game is loading so MSI Afterbuner shows 1% Low and 0.1% Low on 1 FPS



I have Rx 6700 xT and there is no problem with it , but there is one enoying thing about that . FPS DROPS WHEN GAME IS LOADING , sb can say that is not a problem but in my case it is . When I play Minecraft and creating new world or entering it my FPS drops to 1 or 2 , so my 1% Low and 0.1 % Low think this is the worst performance you can get . Even if my FPS incrise to like 800 or 1000 1% low and 0.1 % low shows 1 FPS , and I dont know what is the worst performance IN GAME . If sb have a solution please reply 

Specs : Rx 6700 xT Eagle , Ryzen 5 5600 , 32 Gb of 3200 MHZ RAM Dual Channel , 1 TB SSD , 650 W PSU and Fera 5 for CPU cooling 

No overclocking , undervolting and enything like that Windows 10 with no changes 


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