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Journeyman III

Fortnite Stuttering on RX570

In this video, we can observe that there is a lot of stuttering and this happens in game too.

PC specs:


RX570 (gigabyte rev2.0)

8gb 2666mhz corsair

550watt PSU

ASrock b365m motherboard

Driver Version:

23.2.2  -  AMD-Software-Adrenalin-Edition


since the start of building this computer, there was a lot of stuttering in fortnite. I updated the drivers, used ddu and reinstalled the drivers, reinstalled windows, tried a lot of fixes  online, undervolted gpu, reinstalled fortnite, changed graphics settings in fortnite. None of the fixes work. in other games like crisis 3 and gta 5 there is not stutter at all. I have run out of ideas so I posted my own copy of the issue here at amd community. I am glad to receive help and suggestions.

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