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Journeyman III

Fortnite FPS problem with radeon560x graphics & integrated GPU (128mb)


I use an ASUS TUF fx505dy which has AMD RYZEN 3500H processor which has an integrated VRAM of 128mb & my laptop also has a dedicated GPU, Radeon 560x(4gb). My laptop always keep my integrated 128mb VRAM as the default GPU for any game. Most of the times i play cracked games downloading from torrents, to run them smoothly i go to *graphics settings* from start menu in windows 10 & switch to high performance mode for the game. But when it comes to fortnite, which acts like a webfile that opens via *epic launcher*, i can't find fortnite launcher to switch the performance mode from *graphics settings*(I find it by searching the keyword in the start menu on windows 10). So, can anyone help me out to switch to the dedicated GPU for fortnite.

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