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Adept I

Force LVDS connection instead od eDP

Hi, I have a problem connecting LVDS display do Vega graphics. I bought 1ch 6 bit panel, propriatery cable and connected it to ASRock A320TM-ITX motherboard to LVDS connector. I have only backlight, no display. I have Ryzen 3 3200G with iGPU. In Radeon Software screen seems to be connected via eDP connection, but connector is clearly LVDS and no eDP. I've tried to force it in registry overrideing panel EDID with one taked from datasheet of my panel, but this didn't work. Radeon Software says it is 2.7Gbps x 2 eDP.

Is there any option to change display "connector" in software to LVDS?

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Have you tried a LVDS adapter or converter to see if it works?

Found this LVDS>HDMI adapter: LVDS to HDMI Adapter Board Converter– Geekworm 

or this DP>LVDS Adapter: 

No, I don't have any and buying it for 40$ (or even half a price) makes no sense to me, because panel is good - I removed panel from my old laptop, plugged new panel in to it and it worked. And panel from laptop didn't work in PC.

I figured out that Windows doesn't recognize connector, Radeon Software probably too and it randomly thinks that is eDP (but in 3 laptops Windows doesn't recognize connector, too). Panel doesn't work in UEFI either, so it may be GPU related or motherboard(BIOS) related problem. I wrote to ASRock to obtain wider "view of situation" and still waiting for their reply.

Adept I

Update of situation - ASRock sent me modified BIOS for testing, panel works, but there are some glitches and imperfections, isn't usable yet, but is working.