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Adept I

Flickering shadows and bad view distance

Hi i have problem with flickering shadows and bad view distance.

My build is:

-rx 5700xt

-ryzen 5 3600

-hyperx 16gb cl16 3200mhz ram

-Viper m.2 VPN100

-650+80 gold watt psu

-b450 tomahawk max motherboard

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Sorry for your troubles. 

What in game settings are you using. For instance 4k 60hz ultra?  

I see the flickering you shared, and that is odd. I have only run this on my RX 580 and that was a few years ago at this point but it ran it great, with nothing like you are seeing. I do know that plenty of people complain about the Navi drivers and you can report what you did here to AMD and should:

However I do have to ask as this kind of flicker can be indicative of an unstable overclock of system or gpu both processors and or memory. If you have anything not at defaults, I would try running at defaults and see if it helps. If not then definitely report it to AMD. 

ok thanks i will report this to amd and will look at my clocks and my settings are high 1440p and 144hz


That is pretty high refresh rate for that card at that resolution. I would be curious if you lowered to 1080p if it still does the same. If it doesn't it may illustrate it is a performance issue.  

Also is that a freesync monitor and do you have it enabled?


i lowered to 1080p and it still does the same. My monitor has freesync  and yes i have it enabled.

Well that's too bad, so it sounds like a driver issue. You might try changing some in game settings using custom settings and see if changing any one setting at a time helps things. 

Again make sure to share the issue with AMD support:

Shame you are having that issue. Like I said I played through that game on my RX 580 with no issues and again last year on my RTX 2070 super without problems. 

Not sure why Navi has issues with this.

Do you notice this issue in any other games?


I tried changing settings but sadly it didn't help. I have this issues on other games although they are not as bad as they are in valhalla.


Sadly, as a person who had their nVdia card fry recently and short of funds to replace, this seems to be an AMD issue. Playing the same games, with the same system/res/monitor, this only appeared once I dropped in an AMD card. I repartitioned/reformatted my system, tried different drivers, etc etc. NOTHING has gotten rid of flickering shadows/grass/vegetation. This seems to be some sort of anti-aliasing issue. FXAA is horrible. The only thing that slightly curbs the atrocious eye-sore is  VSR and that is heavy on the system. 

While playing ESO, TAA seems to get rid of it entirely. As for games that don't support it. Good luck. This current PC market is garbage. I miss the days of 2005-2015.