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Journeyman III

Flickering Monitor

So I bought a new monitor about a week ago and it's the acer XF240Q 144hz and I bought a DP cause i thought to my myslef that it would be better with it but when I plugged it in it didn't show any image and I'm running a 3 monitor setup and the others are 60hz each. Whenever I plug it in with a DP the other 2 monitors start to flicker and freak out and when i go to setting it shows that the monitor is detected. So I decided to try hdmi and it worked although I was able to run 144hz my FreeSync wouldn't work plus from time to time when I am playing a bit tougher game to run or I am sharing screen on discord it randomly turns itself off and turns itself back off. And the most interesting part about all this is that I have a hackintosh and when i go into the hackintosh with the DP it's working absolutely without any problem. I'm running a Sapphire Nitro+ rx580 8 gb and a Ryzen 5 2600. Please let me know if you have any solution to this.

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