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Journeyman III

Flickering Black Screen Xfx 590 Fatboy

This is my current build:  it runs perfect and gets the job done when I need it to. But when it comes to gaming, I can play for about 30 minutes to an hour and then I run into to this Issue. It progressively gets worse, the longer i play, where it happens every 30 sec to a minute. The card is new, and I even went out and got a new psu and it still happens. After hours of forum surfing I came a cross two of them that had a fix for the problem in the Wattman application but they barely explained what I need to do. So I gave up if any you guys have any ideal what to do please share.

Thank you.

P.S this happens on games that barely need any gpu power Ex. Skyrim with some mods, BF, Tomb Raider.

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