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Adept I

Fixes for lowering temperatures and blue screens kernel irql not less or equal 5700 xt

Today i want to share with you my experience from buying first time an amd gpu card. 
As we all know many blue screens appear on my pc for first time , too many crashes from games. 


Kenrel 41 -  Error - Fixed (turn off fast startup)-from power & sleep settings
also use this cmd commands -- chkdsk /f /r  | RESTART AND THEN - sfc /scannow

IRQL_Not_Less_Or_Equal (connect 1x8 pcie + 1x8 pcie ) not 1x8 to 2 split 8x cables 

Also i want to mention about the temperatures that amd card (AsRock Taichi rx 5700 xt & other probably) have with more or less fps decrease but my solution here is something you won't even believe if you try to do it!

Going from unreal heaven 80 temps and 105 junction to 60 and 70 junction (i lose 10-20fps -1080p)

Going from Call of duty MW 75-80 and 90 junction to 55 and 60 junction (still 200fps for me -1080p) 


Core clock 1900mhz - 1000mv
Memory clock 1800

Fan curves 60% on 70+

Power Limit +35% 

(AsRock taichi also has bad airflow -My fixes on pictures below (3d Print solution + arctic silver 5) 

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