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finally solved stutterring problem in gears 5 and low gpu usage, disabling HPET

I have 5950x + 6900xt and gears 5 was lagging as hell (15-30fps) in  4k ultra were it should be easy smooth (i already had this problem with cyberpunk i think , but didn't verify it now) ... the only solution i found at this time was to reinstall windows , but the problem reappeared and i didn't know why ...

if this can help to solve lags and stuttering for some people :

I was searching for 2 days now because i bought gears 5 for 10 euro and it was unplayable, so terribly laggy. And i have another windows installation on an external drive where there is only minimal drivers installed, no other software etc and the game was running fine on it. So same computer , unplaybale on one windows install , and fine on the other were i have all my usual software complete installation...

symptoms :

big stutter and lag in game , never reaching more than 30 fps , and gpu usage very low

AND YES finally found the answer on internet : seems HPET was enabled by ASUS AI SUITE .. and this apparently can cause lot of lags and stutter in some games :

to verify if HPET is enabled , download "winTimerTester.exe" and verify that "queryperformancefrequency" is 10mhz
if it's 10mhz , it's ok  but if you have 14mhz , enter this commande with CMD in administrator mode :

bcdedit /deletevalue useplatformclock

and restart computer

then wintimertester should indicate 10mhz ... finally

and of course I uninstalled asus ai suite , and will never install it again


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