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Adept II

Finally have a graphics card RX 580 that works to some degree need help on games

I have read another thread from awhile ago and tried the "fixes" BUT it still is not working for even the simplest of games (like Facebook). 

I want to keep the RX 580 because it is better than the GTX 1060 and so much cheaper. BUT I also want to game. I can't if it keeps crashing (monitor will go black (sometimes white then black) and I have to restart. Upon restart I get "Default Radeon Wattman settings have been restored due to an unexpected system failure". Like I said I saw a thread that was actually labelled that and tried the suggested fixes but it hasn't helped. I have tried uninstalling by physically taking it out, deleting all files (even MSI) and then reinstalling and I get the same thing

I'm running an i5 6600, 16GB 24000 Ballistix, MSI Z170 Gaming M5, EVGA 500W Bronze. I have checked the HDMI cable and it seems to be fine (works great when running off the CPU). 

Is there a fix or is this just a bad card (it was refurbished) and bought from Newegg. I am getting tired of returning these cards. I have been at this for over 6 months and really just want to game.

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I agree it is frustrating that the RX 580's often do not work at default settings. Unfortunately the drivers are set to be compatible with reference specs and most of the cards released today are factory overclocked and the drivers don't supply a high enough power ceiling or fan settings to keep them cool enough. This leads to graphical hangs or black screens where the audio keeps playing in the background. It also continually resets your settings to defaults every time the driver resets.

To alleviate this issue set your power limit to 50 and use a custom fan and temp curve. I have included mine for reference don't follow my speed clocks just the power limit and fan temp curve.

You can play with clock speed once you get the rest stable.

Thanks thanks thanks. Now I can FINALLY game, 6 months after I started all this lol.

Lesson I learned, Never sell my old computer before I finish the new one.

You are very welcome. Glad it did help.

I was going to sell or change my computer just because I was getting instant blue screen errors.. With your settings, my rig is steady as hell... Where were you man?!  Thanks a lot a lot a lot... 

"And damn ATi doing nothing to resolve this issue on radeon software ... "

I understand and I have actually moved on from my RX 580 as my main card for exactly the reason of instability. It is working for me about 95% of the time with those settings but I still had some games where I have issues. Now that I have it in a machine that I am only pushing 1080p not 1440p it doesn't throttle as much and is that much more stable.

Sadly, when I tried to go into settings I somehow can't get global:

I click on AMD Settings and get this:


I click on gaming and get this:


I have uninstalled, reinstalled and keep getting this. I was abe to get into Global but I don't know what has happened


click on the global settings tab

That helped immensely. I guess I was blind because I saw the games but overlooked the global settings lol. I downloaded the majority of my games and haven't had much trouble, except I did leave my pc on overnight and when I came back the graphics was a bit funky but I restarted and loaded the new profile and knock wood it has been great and the detail amazing more than I ever expected. I truly am loving this card now. I am so grateful and thankful.

I wish they would take global settings and just make it a tab on the main page. It is confusing if you don't know what to look for. It adds another layer that just doesn't need to be there IMHO. Glad you found it!

Adept II

Is this a sign of a bad card? I have made the adjustments and they were working great and now I get this. 



Not gonna lie that looks bad. When are you getting this screen? What is going on when you see this. Is this Radeon Settings screen or the whole screen at boot or in Windows?  Boot Windows to safe mode and you can uninstall the AMD driver if possible to get back to defaults.

This is logging into a game that I can play on a cheap laptop and yes whole screen at minimum game settings and it happened on a couple others that are older and less stressful. I am getting an exchange from Newegg, sent that one out today. This was on the settings given from above. One thing I did learn at least on THAT card was I had to reload the setting every time. 

Guess that is what I get for buying refurbished. I even asked Newegg if I could just pay the difference and get the 8GB for like $30 more after a $20 rebate, but was told no. (The 8GB was like $190 and the refurb 4 was $119. Now they have the 8GB with 2 games for $185 ($165 after rebate, still more BUT I could pay the difference since I made a final payment this past month and have a little more cash to free up).

Aw well. now that I know the settings and hopefully this one is better... I can spend the money saved on a new Fanatical Bundle. I have so many games because of Humble Bundle monthly, I don't know what to play, and I won't even discuss the old EA games I have). The biweekly free Epic Games, GOG, Ubi (which just had Steep free)

Bad cards happen, lol, I am just tired of having to send them back the previous ones because they were mined on and thus ran 24/7 for who knows how long and this one, never having had an issue from Newegg thinking it would be ok to buy a refurb. Live and learn. I'll be able to game sooner or later on it lol. If this next one fails, it's under warranty with MSI so I could probably still RMA it with them. 


I hate having to send stuff back too. Honestly this is why I don't order from Newegg anymore. Unless they have changed? There would charge fees and shipping back. When I buy from Amazon directly not a 3rd party merchant on Amazon. Amazon takes care of any issue with no additional cost to me. In fact many times in the past they have even credited me for inconvenience. I have bought a lot of refurb items and had a few turn out bad. I don't think I would ever buy a refurb card. Just can't trust anyone really tested it right IMHO.

Good Luck on the next card. Save those settings they are pretty universal to making the 580s stable.

Yeah, Newegg left a nasty taste in my mouth when I offered to make up the difference and but a new one. Heck, WWZ and Division 2 with the perks are worth the difference. Yeah, I buy things from NewEgg that tend to still have manufacturer's warranties like my i5-6600 (should have gotten the K but still a very nice CPU), my case and I think I bought my Silicon Power 60GB SSD boot drive from them. My biggest problem with NewEgg was I made a mistake and got curious over their "free month of Premier service" I wanted to see what was offered, so I clicked the see details and was charged for 3 months. I expect that from companies that have shady or questionable practices but NewEgg? Really disappointed me. 

Amazon has always been great to deal with and no one is faster. The problem is they are more expensive in most cases. When I built this I set a budget I could afford and tried hard to stick to it, because I wanted to be able to buy games to utilize the new rig. It's why I tried so hard with EBay cards.  


I don't know if by chance you would have one local but their on-line prices are good and it is awesome if you have a store too and that is Microcenter. For computer stuff I find that often they are cheaper than anyone plus if you have a retail store as I am lucky to have, you have a quick place to take stuff back to. Their customer service for me has been great too. 

I do down in Columbus but not necessary. I was about to share this, it's from my FB post so I don't have to type it over and over. (BTW, the settings are working like a charm on my 8GB I got today).

Ok, so I sent my MSI refurbed RX580 4GB back in to Newegg and was going to just get an exchange, then I saw the MSI 8GB on sale for $70 more and then the $20 rebate and 2 free games WWZ and Division2. So I sent a chat and explained that I sent the RMA in and was wondering if I could just pay the $70 difference and they could keep the exchange.
I was told "NO". BUT I saw the bargain for what it was and decided to be broke all month and pulled the trigger yesterday.
Got the 8GB today and went to get the games, hadn't gotten my code because they don't send them out until after 24 hours after the purchase. Didn't know that called Customer Service and it was explained to me. Did the voicemail after survey and left a VM saying I understood it was business but I really would have liked to have been able to just pay the difference and now I'll have 2 and sell the one when I get it back.
Within 5 minutes a representative called me and talked about the issue. He then said he would issue a refund of the difference since I purchased the other anyway.
AMAZING customer service.
Just had to share that.

Good it worked out in the end. I think the Amazing part is you had to get lucky they ended up doing that. But it is always great when someone ultimately makes good the way they should. Enjoy your new card and I hope it gives you YEARS of good service, as it should.

Take care and Happy Gaming!

I am very happy that Newegg helped like that especially after having had said no before. So I won't be that broke in June and I'll have WWZ and Div2 to play all Summer. In a way this made up for the 6 months of hassles I have had. Maybe NOW I can get to gaming.

Very true. I am glad they did too, for you. It is nice to be gaming and not dealing with issues with buyers remorse on top of it because you could have had a better deal. In the end it worked out though.

Best Wishes!