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Journeyman III

Few problems with active adapters on triple monitor (eyefinity)

Hello. I bought new graphics card since my old rx480 have passed out... Anyway, everything working great now on my brand new 5500xt, but I have problem with triple 3x1 (3x 16:9, 5760x1080) eyefinity setup and my active adapters. I had the same problems with two other graphics cards, RX 480 and HD 6950. 

So, my middle monitor is plugged straight into the HDMI socket and it works fine without any problems.

My both side monitors are plugged into two separate displayports by two separate active adapters (DISPLAYPORT to DVI-I). Adapters need additional power so they are both connected to the USB ports.

The first problem is when I start up Windows my both side monitors show no signal, until I turn off and on them manually (auto set-source not work at all) or press the video source button on them. 

The second problem is way more annoying. When I load a game which is set to run on lower resolution (let's say 4800x900) my monitors go crazy. Again, I have to manually set video sources on them or turn on and off them, but it not always work. Sometimes I get white noise-like picture and my monitors says there is a active signal. Sometimes I get no signal at all until I go back to Windows. Generally speaking there is always something wrong... 

There is some way to fix this? 

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