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Journeyman III

Eyefinity broken can't set right resolution

Hello guys odd problem here
3 identical BenQ monitors, each on its own running in native resolution of 2560x1440. When trying to set them up via AMD Eyefinity ( GPU is limited by budget, so please be kind) things go bonkers. Instead of ending up with s single huge monitor using 7680x1440 resolution, my system gos bezerk and creates a screen 11520x2160. It looks like the active signal mode says 3840x2160 which is the max resolution the monitors are capable off.
I got it to work, but latest Windows-Update f.cked it up again.
I have latest AMD driver(clean install)
I have latest driver from BenQ.
I have used CRU ( and last time this did the trick i thought, but cant reproduce it).
I removed all monitors from device manager in windows.
I tried everything I found in forums and subforums.
But most of it is like go to windows screen settings and choose the right resolution ( I would, but i can't, I can chose 11520x2160 and i can chose a lot from below max resolution of single monitor, but for the love of god i can't chose 7680x 1440)
Helpful insights anyone?

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